Custom Anchor Bolt
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Anchor bolts are cast-in-place and designed for structural anchoring applications.

They are usually encased in concrete walls, footings, piers and bases.

Also known as:  angle bolt, bent bolt, bent leg, foundation bolt, foundation anchor bolt, hook bolt, L bolt, L hook bolt.  

A washer and nut, often included, are used with anchor bolts.

For outdoor use, choose hot-dipped galvanized due to superior corrosion properties. A nut and washer are included where noted.

Anchor bolt size, length, spacing, positioning and embedment are determined for each application.

The bolts must be long enough to ensure sufficient projection beyond the concrete to accommodate the structural member thickness, washer and nut.

Size: as per drawing

Thread Length: as per drawing

Material: steel

Grade: 4.8/6.8/8.8/10.9/12.9

Finish: plain, black oil finished, zinc plated/galvanized, hdg, etc

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