Sleeve Anchor with Hex Nut
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Sleeve Anchors are medium to heavy duty fasteners installed in solid concrete, brick or block based materials.

Sleeve anchors are available in a variety of head styles including acorn, hex, flat, round, and rod coupler and used in a wide variety of construction applications.

Sleeve anchor has a unique pull down feature, the sleeve is equiped with a collapsible section that allows the anchor to pull down the fixture to the substrate - clamping it securely.

This feature makes it suitable fordynamic loads - wind loads and other loads of a variable nature.

Assembly: expansin sleeve, threaded bolt, nut, washer

Size: M6/M8/M10/M12/16/M20

Length: as per size

Material: steel

Finish: white zinc plated/yellow zinc plated (yzp)

Technical info: GB/T 22795-2008

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